Our services include kitchens equipment, hotels supplies, restaurants equipment, hospitals equipment, and many oil sites, at the best prices in Egypt to ease your business experience.


Always keen on providing the best brands of equipment, and cooking supplies, for restaurants, kitchens, and hotels.


"Alusteel” works to integrate kitchen equipment with innovative systems and solutions to increase efficiency, to bring more confidence of our customers in Egypt and the Gulf countries

Customer Service

"Alusteel" has a team of professionals dedicated to answering questions and handling issues in a fast professional manner in the field of stainless steel and the manufacture of refrigerators, ovens, grills, stainless steel tables, fryers, ice makers, shelves and cooking equipment for hotels, restaurants & kitchens

Huge and unlimited updates

All products from espresso hanederlat, grinders, pizza ovens, mixers, display fridges, and storage fridges made of stainless steel are available & manufactured by Egyptian engineers and distinguished according to the latest international technologies, the highest quality with the best prices.

Customized Controls

Alusteel takes charge of all information essential for kitchen fixtures, supplies, equipment, and equipment for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals to ensure your business' success.

Commitment to Client Needs

Our number one priority is customers' satisfaction by delivering optimum results that position them ahead of the competition, in the kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, tourist villages, floating boats, clubs, airports, food companies, petroleum sites, and restaurant vehicles.

Alusteel has specialized in supplying cooking equipment with the best with prices for hotels, restaurants, cafes, kitchens,  tourist villages, floating boats, clubs, airports, food companies and petroleum sites.
The company owns a 4,500-square-meter factory that has the latest machinery and products such as grills, ovens, stoves, ice makers, and others

We have executed many grand projects and national projects not limited to hotels, such as the armed forces, restaurants, hospitals, and many petroleum sites and projects of Egyptian universities.

We offers an extensive array of cooking equipment ranging from heavy-duty equipment to small wares. Our main products for your restaurant kitchen are: Gas Range, Griddle, Grill, Deep Fryer, Pasta Cooker, Bain Marie, Boiling Pan, Electric Cooker, Induction Cooker, Tilting Braising Pan etc.

We have everything that you need conveniently located in one place!

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New Products

Filling out your business with the latest kitchen cooking equipment is essential to its success, whether you're starting a restaurant or hotel from scratch with the best prices and the highest quality. Restaurant cooking equipment includes everything from countertop deep fryers that you can use in concession stands to full-sized, heavy-duty ranges that form the backbone of a busy foodservice establishment.

Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment Bain-marie Bain-marie for heating food is used in restaurants, cafes and homes. It is used to maintain the temperature of the feeder...

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Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment Steam Cooking Pot We offer the best prices for steam cooking solutions for restaurants or hotels. It is a pot made of ceramic or porcelain...

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Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment ELECTRIC RANGS Alusteel provides the best electric ranges, as standard ranges, of the best raw materials and components, that can be purchased...

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Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment FRAYERS Deep fryers have a basket to lower the food into the oil tank and raise it when the food has finished cooking. There are...

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Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment BUFFETS SYSTEMS ِAlusteel Buffets Systems are the perfect choice for open buffet dining tables and special occasions. Different sizes enable...

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Alusteel For Hotel, Restaurant, kitchen Equipment SALAD REFRIGERATOR

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Exhibitions in which Alusteel participates

Alusteel has a strong presence and an effective suite in the most powerful Egyptian and international exhibitions, such as the Horeca exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the KAFEX exhibition and the Hesse International exhibition in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Alusteel's latest work with an elite group of clients who were provided the highest quality of services to equip and provide equipment (kitchens, hotels, restaurants).

Our Customer

We provide a high-quality service and after sale service of kitchen supplies for hotel to our trusted clients. Here are some of our valued customers